Brand Engine
Producer / Director
Kristi Ray
Cinematographer / Editor
Erika Edwards
Production Assistant
Emma Grace Wright
Aris Harding

A series of social sizzles highlighting swag and apparel from this bustling cannabis dispensary and lifestyle brand.

Harvested by hand. Crafted by culture.

This video series marks the first collaboration with local powerhouse, Brand Engine - a mighty duo helping to launch and elevate the corporate identity of companies through graphic, logo and web design. Thrilled to work alongside our male counterparts, we worked with Michael and Justin to conceptualize a loose narrative highlighting a handful of new products from this Baltimore based brand.


With a key focus on diversity and inclusion, we produced, cast, directed, shot and edited this series over one blitz of a shoot day here in Wilmington. Blessed by the support of local brick-and-mortars like Augie and Zo’s, E*Motion Studio and Bottega we were able to fluidly bounce from location to location with an expertly timed production schedule. The end result is proof of how much you can accomplish when you fix it in prep.

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