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An energetic peek behind the curtain at Wilmington’s most dynamic, professional environment. It’s more than co-working..

We are building the entrepreneur class.

Genesis Block is building a brand around a burning passion for business development and pouring into entrepreneurial communities. With a clear and pointed focus on elevating minority and women-owned professionals, they walk the walk daily with community, collaboration and creativity. Co-Founded by Girard and Tracey Newkirk in January 2021, this visionary power couple is quickly becoming a household name.


When the opportunity arose unexpectedly for Genesis Block to be featured on an impressive slate of channels for broadcast television, they approached Honey Head with enthusiasm and optimism. With a tight turnaround and very limited window for production, we were eager to collaborate with Speller Street Films to utilize an abundance of exciting archival documentary footage in the edit. We truly believe in the model and vision of Genesis Block and have personally reaped a bounty of benefits as members of the Minority Business Accelerator Program. Find out more at

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