Kim Gibbs
Cinematographer / Co-Director
Erika Edwards
Producer / Co-Director
Kristi Ray
Editor / Sound Design
Logan Tabor

A featurette highlighting the unique style and process of this self taught artist.

the more chaos, the better.

Kim Gibbs is a self taught oil painter who uses unique movement and spontaneity to transfer energy to the viewer through her work. The vision for this project was vibrant and open and we knew right away we wanted to include a visceral soundscape to compliment the cuts.


Shot over one blitz day at Dilworth Artisan Station in Uptown Charlotte, strategic preparation allowed us to document the entire process and “history” of this specific piece of art. What would normally take weeks to complete with cold wax and paint drying, we were able to capture within ten hours before bringing it back to the studio to edit. Logan Tabor and his magical, musical mind single handedly took this project through post and we couldn’t be more pleased with the final product.

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