Goodberry's Frozen Custard
Producer / Director
Kristi Ray
Cinematographer / Editor
Erika Edwards
Production Coordinator
Sam McLeod

A branded film series highlighting the farm-to-facility *Goodberry’s experience* since 1988.

Honest to goodness.

During our first meeting with the president of Goodberry’s, we knew this was a company we wanted to collaborate with. Their story of growth through integrity, quality and customer satisfaction is something we could get down with - the frozen custard samples sweetened the deal. What started out as a joint-family venture with a flagstaff location established in Raleigh during the late 80s has turned into a bustling corporation with nine locations and their own state of the art, in-house food processing facility here in North Carolina. They use five simple ingredients in an unmatched process to create a frozen dessert that’s worth waiting for - in a line of forty happy customers weaving through the courtyard on any given Tuesday.


Shot over the course of two production days, we conducted interviews with key players in the process of creating the custard and had the opportunity to cast real-life customers in a plethora of narrative scenarios that compliment the *experience* of going to Goodberry’s. Trust us, it’s a whole experience. With custard so creamy and thick they call it a “Carolina Concrete” and flip it upside down! Can you tell we have a sweet tooth...

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