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A Honey Head Feature Film
In Development
Writer / Director
Erika Edwards
Producer / Lead
Kristi Ray
Director of Photography
Nic True
Consulting Producer
Rachel Turner
Michelle Roca

A sudden death and unexpected pregnancy force an impoverished woman to decide between freeing herself or remaining a relic of her drive-by Southern town.

Think it's raining in Lumberton?

A poignant, gritty exploration of life in a lonely town off Highway 74, Lorelei explores the grief and complexities one woman faces while settling her mother’s shabby estate, reuniting with an estranged relative while wrestling with the notion to walk away from her emotionally and mentally abusive relationship.


Lorelei highlights the South in an exclusive, raw and truthful landscape; placing a missing piece in the collection of character driven dramas gaining notoriety on the stage of independent film. A necessary exploration of an overlooked demographic and their complexities, this feature film will heavily impact southern audiences and beyond by simply taking time to get to know the characters with a chilling familiarity who have yet to be seen in mainstream media without the threat of parody. If you are interested in supporting Lorelei through donation, consultation or in-kind services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are actively building a production team and connecting with targeted investors, grants and funding sources.

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