NC Lumber + Supply
Producer / Director
Kristi Ray
Cinematographer / Editor
Erika Edwards

A visual overview of this true community-driven company focusing on sustainability, satisfaction and going the extra mile.

We just try to do it a little differently around here.

It doesn’t get much better than the folks at NC Lumber and Supply. This Wilmington-based company is rapidly expanding and it’s easy to see why. With their people over profit mindset and quality materials at a price you can’t find in big box stores, they opened their tenth brick and mortar location this year. After our initial meeting with their team, we knew the heart in their work would be effortless to capture.


Shot over three days across various locations around Wilmington with an exciting trip to the lumber mill in Climax, NC this video features actual clients and happy customers. We love the docu-style imagery mixed with personal voice over that really helps capture that down-home feeling you get when you walk through their warehouse doors.

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