A Feature Film
In Development
Erika Edwards
Writer / Producer
J.R. Rodriguez
Shawn Lewallen
Produced By
Tobbot Films
In Association With
Honey Head Films

A rookie cop discovers a historic group of underground vigilantes while she’s investigating the kidnapping of two teenage girls.

For those who listen.

A dramatic thriller following an underground group of vigilantes fighting against human trafficking on the shores of the Cape Fear River. Prophets follows Alex; a persistent, young woman as she navigates issues of family, unveils a secret brotherhood and discovers which side of the law is "right."


Currently in the financing stages, this feature film in development is the first collaboration between Honey Head and Tobbot Films. Prophets brings to light very real issues of human trafficking with an acute sense of urgency, weaving ancient legends from this region into a thrilling plot with a strong, female lead. A shared passion for the material and enthusiasm for the local film community sparked this exciting partnership with JR Rodriguez to bring this powerful story to life.

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