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The Road To Kabala
A Honey Head Film
Coming Soon
Producer / Director
Kristi Ray / Erika Edwards
Erika Edwards / Kristi Ray
Erika Edwards

A vibrant and inquisitive observation of life in the bustling village of Kabala, Sierra Leone. 

The cradle of the world

This in-house documentary currently coming to life in post was shot in October 2019 over the course of ten days throughout the countryside of West Africa. The heartbeat of this community, the pulse of indiginous culture intersecting with a tangible lust for life...there’s a vibration here that never stops. It’s called Koinadugu - “The Land Of Powerful Mixture!” - for good, good reason. Diverse, complex and pure. There is unmatched resilience in this country, a dark history contrasting with a passion for opportunity that may never be fully understood. 


Honey Head Films was fortunate enough to be contracted as a documentary duo by three incredible NPOs making strides in education for this developing community. Together as a group with representatives from the organizations, we traveled with a renowned local host and leader Dr. Alhaji Njai from the bustling capital of Freetown through villages and jungles to the Northernmost corner of Sierra Leone. Effortlessly breaking through culture and language barriers, mounted the backs of motorbikes we encountered loads of unforgettable humans from humble mothers to paramount chiefs, passionate students who care for barefoot babies and sang songs of celebration for the opening of a university where they could continue learning and leading. We are overjoyed to share our first international documentary adventure with the world in hopes that their hearts will too be hijacked by this incredible pocket of people nestled within the cradle of the world.

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