Kristi Ray
Erika Edwards
Manasi Prasad
Carson Barclay
Assistant Story Producer
Leah Sherrell
A Honey Head Mentorship Film

An explorative, earnest look at combating the implicit bias within yourself.

Awareness creates change.

Would you believe it if we told you this powerful film was conceptualized and directed by a seventh grade girl? Well, buckle up because we’re about to rock your world. The Honey Head Mentorship Program is designed to create and facilitate opportunities for young, aspiring female filmmakers to make their voices heard through media. With a key focus on combating social justice issues from the simplicity of anti-bullying narratives to the complexity of exploring solutions through documentary work; we mentor and facilitate the production these projects while engaging a handful of promising film students from local universities to assist in production from concept to post.


Manasi is one of the brightest, most mature young women we’ve had the pleasure of working with. Her thought-provoking questions and active listening skills left a mark on the entire production team. With a true passion for creating equitable change for minorities in the local community and beyond, she approached Honey Head at the beginning of the year to help her make this dream a reality. Explaining her vision for the film with an aptitude far beyond expectation of students even twice her age, we immediately agreed to supporting her in this venture and began the process of hunting for interviewees. The project is currently in post with our editing intern with hopes to premiere in the late 2021 festival circuit.

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