WSA Charter School
Producer / Director
Kristi Ray
Cinematographer / Editor
Erika Edwards
Corryn Diemer

A cinematic metaphor that weaves the lives of young WSA students into the narrative of our community's leaders.

Planting seeds for tomorrow.

Wilmington School of the Arts is a tuition-free, non-profit primary learning facility on a mission to enrich our local community through arts education and social outreach. With a burning passion for encouraging creativity and giving back to our hometown, Honey Head couldn't be better suited as commercial contractors for this incredible new public charter school. We dove head first into the challenge of casting tiny look-a-likes to represent a diverse range of real-life leaders from all walks of life. Shot over a few production days, this promotional video was a true joy to create with a natural fluidity and inspirational message.


In preparation for enrollment, Honey Head produced a series of short, informative videos highlighting the culture and values of WSA and what makes this new charter school unique. Enthusiasm from their teaching and administrative staff blended with insightful answers to community questions offers peace of mind from curious families eager to join the WSA community.

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