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Purpose meets passion
Our industry needs more people
who are great at what they do and truly love it, too.

Honey Head is driven by a mission to make filmmaking more collaborative and inclusive, while keeping the production value as high as the vibes. We launched our brand in 2016 and have helped hundreds of people share their stories with the world.

Our innovative approach truly sets us apart from traditional film production. Our multidisciplinary producers bring a fresh perspective and are here to strategize with you at any stage of the process, because well, that’s the Honey.

We’re well connected within Carolina’s creative economy and our services include strategies to maximize every budget. We’re here to empower filmmakers, humanize brands and level the playing field for underrepresented stories. We have a whole lot of heart wrapped up in what we do, and we’re big believers in putting out what you want to receive.
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About Us
Building the Hive and spreading the Honey

On a mission to continually diversify the people we work with, the content we create and the folks we hire; Honey Head is renowned for challenging the status quo with our radical inclusivity in front of and behind the lens.

The Honey Head brand has built platform for advocacy and education that focuses on workforce development and empowering the next generation of independent filmmakers. Our mantra of “lifting while climbing” constantly paves a way for new, inspiring ventures. Our passion for mentorship and dedication to closing the gender gap paved the way for
Shoot Like A Girl: a one-of-a-kind, mission-driven summer camp focused on career-readiness. This Honey Head program gives high school girls the tools, education and confidence they need to tell their stories, build community and pursue an interest in film.

We love shaking it up. From guest lectures to workshops to motivational talks, we’re here to create a buzz.

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Hear from our people:
“The women at Honey Head Films are truly like no other. Not only are they extremely skilled and professional, they believe in telling powerful, personal stories. They create an environment where every person feels welcome. I can’t thank them enough for seamlessly producing my project.”
Emma Grace Wright, Filmmaker
“Honey Head is amazing, extremely creative and easily understand our wants and needs. They are so professional and organized – they have everything under control the entire time.  All we have to do is show up! The footage is gorgeous and the end results are even more amazing! We will definitely continue to choose Honey Head."
Allison Donnelly, Striking Copper
"Working with Honey Head was an absolute delight! After being referred to their company by two different collegues, their chemistry and complimentary skills made me confident from the start. In the end, what left me in awe was their decision to constantly over deliver on expectations."
Connor Rode, Executive Producer
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Nuts and bolts
We're an entry point for filmmakers and brands to turn their creative concepts into organized, impactful, cinematic experiences. Regardless of length or genre, our expertise translates across various projects. We've built a uniquely turn-key environment for all things filmmaking, so working with Honey Head can mean…

Collaborating with an award-winning writer to turn your concept into a screenplay. Casting and crewing your narrative production to meet incentive qualifications. Crafting authentic brand stories that foster consumer loyalty. Hiring an accomplished producer to helm a compelling documentary series.

Already got your team in place? No problem. Wanna shoot in NC? We got you. Not looking for a full blown movie? Our commercials look just as good.

We could go on and on, but if you’re still reading this, you must be pretty curious. You know you wanna join the Hive.
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