magical connections with tangible results

We’re a boutique,
full service, female production company putting a narrative spin on the creative world.

About Us
Efficiency meets creativity

Honey Head is far more than your standard production team.
It’s a brand. A mission. A movement.
A social enterprise owned and operated by creative duo Kristi Ray and Erika Starr; their hive runs the gamut from concept to post - and beyond.  Utilizing a proven small-footprint approach with a focus on agility and sustainability, these self taught creatives constantly over-deliver on expectations while aiming to diversify the people they work with and the content they produce.

How, you ask? 
Take a look for yourself.

more about us
In addition to narrative production, we create bespoke visual content for a broad range of clients.
Projects fully crafted
in house
“I can’t say enough positive words about this amazing team. I hired them to film a promotional video for my company, and it was a seamless experience. They were professional, had amazing input, and I was thrilled with the result. We came together as strangers and left as friends.”
Robin Riggs, Founder
Collab: [launch video] Whole Nourish
“Kristi Ray and Erika are magical together! They had the ability to take my nerves, throw them out the door and made me feel like a movie star for a day. The compatibility between these two is incredible, and it shows in their films! Their creativity and vision is spot on, and I am so impressed by their work. ”
Monica Jane, Singer/Songwriter
Collab: [music videos] Forever Mine, Dear Dignity
“Honey Head is the dream team. Erika and Kristi Ray are such a special part of the Wilmington Film community. They are incredibly skilled, organized and kind, but what really sets them apart is their willingness to fully pour their hearts and creativity into a project. It's not just another job for them, but a chance to flex their creative muscles.”
Hannah Lomas, Stray Local
Collab: [music videos]- Faint Glow, Roamer
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