Writer / Director
Erika Arlee
Producer / Lead
Kristi Ray
Michelle Roca
Andrea Nordgren
Executive Producer
Colleen Kochanek

A sudden death and unexpected pregnancy force an impoverished woman to decide between freeing herself or remaining a relic of her drive-by Southern town.

A poignant, gritty exploration of life off Highway 74, A Song for Imogene explores the grief and complexities one woman faces while settling her mother’s shabby estate, reuniting with an estranged relative while wrestling with the notion to break free from a toxic trauma bond with her live-in boyfriend.


Independently financed and locally produced in rural Eastern North Carolina, Imogene joins the streak of strong American regional indies making waves on the stage of independent cinema. A raw exploration of an overlooked demographic and its complexities, this feature explores its life-bruised characters with a powerful sense of place and an interest in the female bid for independence. With strong notes of hope and a bone-deep identity, the film will quench audience fascination with the South and its landscape, tracking characters with a chilling familiarity who have yet to be seen in mainstream media without the threat of parody. Offering a clear-eyed, condescension-free portrait of poverty, off-set by the undeniable natural beauty of the region, the film navigates complexities of emotional abuse and pregnancy trauma while championing its female driven plot, giving voice and consideration to the small-town working-poor demographic. A feature film debut from the women of Honey Head Films, this project boasts a 100% female Above The Line team and a crew of talented filmmakers made up of 70% women. Shot over 21 days in the summer of 2022, A Song For Imogene is set to premiere in competition this June at Geena Davis' Bentonville Film Festival.

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