T.J Sandella
Jad Adkins
John Anthony
Post Supervisor
Erika Arlee
Logan Tabor

In the wake of their mother’s death, two estranged siblings reunite for a long weekend in the American Rustbelt. Despite holding one another responsible for their familial failures, these last remaining members of a beleaguered family must decide how much to dig into their past, and what, if anything, can be salvaged.

secondhand wounds that have lost their context, that are everyone's and no one's fault.

This small-town slice of life is a thematic exploration of vulnerability and that good ole' Midwestern self-reliance that can keep us from opening up to the people we love.


This debut feature from Glass Brothers Productions was shot over the summer of 2022 with a handful of talented NC filmmakers. Currently in post-production with Honey Head driving the film through the editing process, we've teamed up with this passionate group of creatives to get this film to the screen. As a brand, we gravitate toward stories about real people in relatable places and this flick had us at hello. We're honored to add Battersea to the slate of narrative features we have the privilege of seeing through to fruition.

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