A Honey Head Film
In Association with Ten Eyck Visuals
Writer / Director
Erika Arlee
Cinematographer / Colorist
Troy Ten Eyck
Erika Arlee
Original Score
Logan Tabor

Two sisters unexpectedly reconnect in the moments before a surprise birthday party.

I don't care mom, just not balloons.

A true slice of life narrative exploring the subtleties of sisterhood within the confines of a single, emotionally charged scene. Proof that inspiration sprouts in unexpected places, the idea for this project was planted many years ago in a kitchen location on the opposite side of the country. Developed and written half a decade later for actors Maya Ferrario and Ashely Deuell and co-produced by our Colorado comrades at TenEyke Visuals, this mumble-core gem is currently making its way through the international film festival circuit.


Shot over the course of one day in Denver proper, this zero-budget film boasts a strong roster of seasoned crew members and director Erika Edwards’ seventh narrative as writer/director. With a passion for the material and enthusiasm around creative collaboration with Honey Head, Troy Ten Eyck immediately jumped on board as cinematographer and co-producer.

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