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Estrogen Ranch
Produced By Honey Head Films
Proof of Concept
Cinematographer + Co-Editor
Erika Arlee
Creator + Executive Producer
D.L. Anderson
Kristi Ray
Logan Tabor

Strong Southern women learn how to take care of business - legal and illegal - in this small Coastal town, cashing in on help from their off-beat friends, both earthly and celestial.

only men with useful tools allowed.

Four lifelong friends and cousins come together later in life to run "Estrogen Ranch," a bed and breakfast resort down by the river in Calabash. With a a little help from their guardian angels - and a marijuana business on the side - with they find ways to survive various daily disasters of trying to save their family farm from a very corrupt developer, while living in a small town full of comedy, human error and a whole lot of other-worldly drama.


Years in the making, this off-beat television pilot is in the financing stages. Episode one of this dramedy series - titled ESTROGEN RANCH - will boast an impressive ensemble cast including local A-listers such as Nina and Banks Repeta, Mark Jeffery Miller and many more. As a brand we are drawn to female-led stories and the authentic exploration of diverse ages, body types and ethnicities on screen. The show's creator D.L Anderson hired Honey Head to help develop the project and it's pitch materials over the past 12 months.

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