Stray Local
Cinematographer / Editor / Director
Erika Edwards
Producer / Director
Kristi Ray
Joy James / Cedric Kopa / Kevin Mom / Alex Edwards / Danny Starr

A powerful, urban montage offering respite to the lonely creatives.

From the ashes... I will rise.

Our second collaboration with indie pop duo Stray Local, this music video was shot over the course of a few weeks in two different cities during the pandemic lockdown. The clear and powerful notion that we can all reclaim ourselves even after trauma, doubt, or failure...this video is intended to offer inspiration and restoration to anyone who watches. Diving deeper into the current social and political climate of racial injustices across our country, this piece also evokes imagery of rising up and empowering voices to stand against oppression. The casting process was quite unique and memorable as we were passionate about portraying real artists in their element and true emotion in their heart.


We love everything about collaborating with these talented musicians. The process of producing this music video was quite unique - shot during quarantine, we had the unexpected experience of creative conceptualization and feedback over entirely virtual platforms. Stray Local is incredibly active in the community and put their whole self into their craft. Check out all the happenings at

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