Risa Scott
James P. Stuart
Cinematographer / Editor
Erika Edwards
Hadyn Winston / Gabe Combs
Production Company
Honey Head Films

Two foster brothers reconnecting under grave circumstances must come to terms with their past. 

It wasn't a family, but it was close.

A moody slice of life exploring the ambiguous bond between a pair of adult brothers wrestling with the death of their foster mother. Shot in a single, frosty evening in Denver, Colorado, Foster is a passion project brought to life by a diverse team of indie filmmakers from various backgrounds and journeys.


With a desire to continue creative collaborations with passionate visionaries from all over the country, this film says a lot about what good writing and lighting can bring to the table. After weeks of bouncing scripts back and forth with fellow female director Risa Scott and co-star Hadyn Winston, we were invited out to Denver to co-produce, shoot and edit the film. We can’t say enough about the incredible community in the Mile High City and this powerfully written script that takes on issues of family, acceptance and grief - all within 8 pages.

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