Executive Producer / Lead
Arianna Tysinger
Devan Allyce
Cinematographer / Editor
Erika Edwards
Kristi Ray
Nicholas Tycho Reed

A night in the life of Death, personified as a woman, as she encounters three strangers and helps them pass over into...whatever they believed in.

flattery will get you nowhere. pun intended.

A grounded dark comedy that explores where we go when we die. This award winning project was brought to Honey Head by the talented and versatile lead actress - Arianna Tysinger. Originally an ambitious thirty page screenplay, through creative consulting and a lot of ingenuity, together we pulled off something beautiful.


Shot over the course of three months in several production blocks across the state, Interitum was a collaborative effort between many passionate filmmakers of all skill levels who all believed in the story and knew how to get their indie grit on. This special film was our second narrative as a production company and went on to win Best Short Film in the 2018 Tryon International Film Festival.

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