Writer / Editor
Erika Edwards
Wilkin Hanaway
Producer / Co-Director
Charlie Ball
1st AD
Paige Blankenship
Kristi Ray

Two sisters, their mom’s old house. One praying for change, the other waiting on the rain.

think it's raining in Lumberton?

A grounded, southern drama about two sisters settling their family estate, Lorelei holds a very special place in our hearts. The seven page short was conceptualized before the birth of our company, produced and shot two summers later with the help of some passionate friends. Well received by regional audiences who always asked the question : “what’s next for these characters?” - Lorelei was the spark that lit the fire of our inaugural feature film in development, A Song For Imogene.


A true labor of love, this slice of life was shot over one bloody hot production day in the middle of a dying town in Eastern North Carolina. Behind the scenes portraits from world-renowned photographer Alex Harris on set of this project were curated as part of a year-long exhibit at the High Museum of Atlanta.

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