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Produced By Honey Head Films
Production Companies
Ma-Sack Media + Honey Head Films
Writer + Producer
Malinda Maynor Lowery
Montana Cypress
Director of Photography
Erika Arlee
Efrain Colon
Festival Circuit

An intergenerational family drama centered in a rural southern Native American community.

we reap what we sow.

A narrative short film about Dollar, a single father and drug dealer who must prove his worth to his mother and young daughter. Lumbeeland follows one family that must reckon with the harm they have caused, discovering what happens when we reap what we sow. A tragic tale exploring how we hurt the ones we love, even when we want to protect them - that anger and greed lead us to betray those we are closest to, even ourselves. Currently in festival circuit.


A cathartic vision for writer/producer Malinda Maynor Lowery; this film offers a hard, intimate look at how the Lumbee community has suffered from the theft of property and culture, from racism and dispossession which has left entire families vulnerable to substance abuse and dependence. This 21 page short narrative drama boasts an award-winning team of Indigenous producers and local crew made up of 80% women and non-binary filmmakers. As a social enterprise we are honored to lens the film, help build out and lead the crew and have our production company attached to this important project.

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