Also Joe
Writer / Director
Kristi Ray
Cinematographer / Colorist
Erika Edwards
Logan Tabor
Production Coordinator
Sam McLeod
Gaffer / BTS
Tory Silinski

An earnest, yet quirky expression of that inevitable dichotomy when you’re doing your best to move on.

say hi to Anita, for me.

An equally endearing and entertaining narrative about a guy who’s moving on from a toxic relationship-emotionally and physically. These timeless, well-paced visuals complement the layers of movement and interesting melodic cuts in the track.


This is our first collaboration with Also Joe and boy, was it a wonderful experience from concept to post. Shot over two days in four locations, this vibrant almost whimsical video perfectly matches the style and aesthetic of the artist and the tone for his next album. A true testament to creative adaptability, we were thrown some significant curveballs during prep and principal photography but in the long run, these surprises actually made the final product so much better. Utilizing a passionate crew, stacked with young women; this project holds a special place in our hearts. Keep your eyes on Also Joe, big things are on the horizon.

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