A Honey Head Film
Written by Erika Arlee
Director / Producer
Kristi Ray
Erika Arlee
Editor / Colorist
Zach Davenport
Hannah Black / Ross Helton

An unhappy couple is forced to decide between throwing in the towel or sticking it out for little Noah.

Two lovers do their last load of laundry

A muted slice of life about a young couple facing the undeniable crumbling of their tired bond, in a laundromat of all places.


With a desire to “produce more narrative!” we set out to make a movie in a day, one scene - one location; challenging ourselves and our work to speak volumes in minutes. Shot over six hours at the beloved Carolina Coin Laundry, a small footprint, skeleton crew, excellent cast and the perfect location made this micro short possible. Navigating post production through the seasoned eye of talented editor and fellow filmmaker Zach Davenport, Mr. Dragon made the rounds in the 2020 festival circuit.

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