Louis. the Rapper
J. Noelle Sullivan
Producer / AD
Kristi Ray
Robin Wood
Joey Dwyer
Production Company
Honey Head Films

A mind-bending and somehow sobering metaphor for life and it’s stages.

into the void*

This community collaboration between some of Wilmington’s finest creatives started out as a bold, trippy narrative penned by visionary writer / director Josh Sullivan who approached us with an ambitious idea in early 2021. After reading his polished 5 page script, we immediately fell in love with the project and signed on to produce. Our collective passion for narrative film mixed with a desire to elevate the level of work coming out of the local hip-hop scene made this monster of a music video a no-brainer for Honey Head.


Building the team came first, then location scouting, casting, scheduling and sourcing all the elements to make this project shine. Filmed over three full production days on location at the historic Carolina Apartments with VFX shot on the lot at Wallaby Media, together we organized and rallied this crew of sixteen filmmakers to create something next level that everyone on set was passionate about. Helmed by the on-camera talents of Louis the Rapper, this project inspired and reignited that indie-grit flame burning in all of us during the height of the pandemic - proof that creativity and adaptability will prevail.

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