Striking Copper
Director / Producer
Kristi Ray
Cinematographer / Editor
Erika Edwards
Savannah Cromartie / Riley Mincey / Charlotte Barnhart / Samantha Kelly

A redheaded feral child frolicing through a magical, misty island.

What more could you want?

This darling music video has put so many smiles on so many faces and truly holds a whimsical place in our hearts. Smiling Girl marks the start of a year long creative journey and volumes of collaboration with Striking Copper. It’s the first installment in a four-part video series following one ginger through four seasons of her life: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.


Difficult to decide which was more exciting, casting or shooting this video! Captured on one blustery day in late February on an island in the intracoastal; we literally shuttled twenty five humans in a jon boat through the fog with all the equipment, costumes and instruments. Talk about underdog success, we made it work with flying colors.

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