Writer / Director
Maggie Daniels
Erika Edwards
Production Company
Honey Head Films
Kristi Ray
Director of Photography
Kelvin Edwards

Early summer, 2009 leaves a mark on Magz she can’t erase.

The bad kids you grew up with

A cathartic vision for writer/director Maggie Daniels, Tanglewood offers healing and empowerment for anyone who’s been damaged, betrayed or hurt by someone they thought loved them back. This proof-of-concept for a feature film in development was produced and shot over the course of a chilly weekend boasting local cast and crew in Wilmington, NC.


As a female-fronted production company, we are passionate about empowering other women to create and think outside the box. In Partnering with Maggie, we are able to translate her unique vision as a daring first time director to tangible results on camera. This collaboration has furthered our desire to explore more dynamic and challenging roles for women in cinema.

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