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The Confession
Feature Films
Writer / Director
Will Canon
Line Producer
Kristi Ray
Casting Director
Erika Arlee
Rosie Eden-Ellis
Executive Producer
James Harris

A single mother investigates the paranormal mystery surrounding her father’s death and her son's disappearance while grappling with her own religion.

the Piper must be paid.

After losing her husband in a tragic accident, Naomi, the front-woman of a fallen-away band, moves her young son across the country back to her Southern hometown. As they settle into the old family farmhouse, strange occurrences begin to plague their quiet lifestyle. When Noami discovers a mysterious tape left behind by her father, her grasp on reality starts to unravel.


A bi-coastal collaboration with Tea Shop Films and Three Folks Pictures currently in post-production. Produced and shot over 21 days on location in Wilmington with a 100% local crew and talented, Southern supporting cast; this feature film was the product of months of preparation and dedication from an impressive slate of department heads. Stunts, animals, stages, water work - you name it, we accomplished it. From the very first location scout, to in-house cast and crew recruitment, to the final purchase order: Honey Head helmed this SAG production as a turn key entity.

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